Bai Torr

The restless warrior from Ragnar VIII, wandering the galaxy in search of glory and redemption.


Bai, last Scion of the clan Torr, was born into a harsh world of ice and steaming blood. The Ragnar system is of little importance, a backwater on the Outer Rim well within Mandalorian stomping grounds. The planet Ragnar VIII is the only habitable sphere, a cold and breathtaking place of vast pinewoods, towering fjords, frigid peaks and sprawling tundra. Temperate zones do exist, and are much contested by the pseudo-barbaric tribes that call the place their home.

The native Ragnarians are a dour and hardy folk, and aside from a physiology well-adapted to the planet’s environment, are not far removed from baseline humans, still esentially part of the species. This indicates that they are fairly recent settlers to the planet.

The Ragnarians themselves appear to have experienced something of a societal regression in the past, because while they possess advanced technology (such as blasters and vibroblades), they have only the crudest means of replicating and maintaining this techology, these scientific secrets having been buried under years of mysticism and bloodshed. The explanation for this is a varied and curious set of different (and often contradictory) tales, all argued to be true in some form.

Most of the Ragnarian legends agree that the people of Ragnar are not native to the planet, having traversed a “vast black sea”, a phrase often taken to mean the void of space. Just when this happened depends largely upon which clan annals you consult. Republic historians, digging through old records, contend that the Ragnarians were descended from a lost colony venture around the time of the Exar Kun war, a fact supported by Czerka artifacts dating back to that time. The current consesus states that the colony was cut off from the Republic during the Mandalorian wars, and its people left to fend for themselves, maintaining battered technology and slowly “going native” in the face of constant aggression from the Mando’ade.

This has some credence, given that the Ragnarians seem to make a point of warring stubbornly with the Mandalorians, the disparate clans uniting under common banner to battle the regular incursions by their spacefaring rivals. What the Mandalorians originally wanted from Ragnar VIII is a mystery, but as is their way, they invade largely due to the guarantee that the valorous Ragnarians will offer them a glorious battle. Some Mandalorians have intermingled with the Ragnarians, but by and large the two warrior cultures have become boistrous rivals founded on mutual respect, and bitter hatred.

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Bai Torr

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